About Us

Not all gifts arrive in wrapped boxes with bows. Most of the time, some of the most important gifts are simple actions or maybe even just words. This is definitely true for feedback.

The Current World

Someone walks into your place of business. Maybe they've been there before and come with certain expectations. Maybe they're new and curious about what others have told them. Do you know who they are, what they need, or what they think about the experience your business is providing them?

How do you ever get in touch with them again?

Right now, you know so little about your customers, except perhaps their purchase habits, unless you actually talk to them personally. What do they think about your new marketing campaign? Are the employees treating them right? Was your place of business clean and presentable?

You just don't know what they're thinking.

What if something was wrong? How would your customer contact you? How would you follow up with them to let them know you've heard their complaint?

Making the World Better

We built an application that enables a two-way interactions between you and your customers, without a lot of extra work from you. They can interact with you, in a way you define, while at a location you determine. You can take a poll, or seek suggestions, or offer an open ear for their complaints.

Sure beats them going to Yelp to post their problems with you!

Our Product
We provide the ability for your customers to interact with you just by going to a website, either this one or yours, while at a certain location. A pop-up will open on that page with whatever message, question, or functionality you've set up for them to see.
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Communicating with your customer makes all the difference between being just another vendor...and being their go-to provider.
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Our Values

We have three simple values that guide our actions.

1. Treat Customers As Friends
Beyond our physical needs, we also have emotional needs. If a vendor can satisfy that as well...that's how you get organic loyalty.
2. Keep It Simple
Our goal is to make the customer-vendor interactions as smooth as possible with a simple, intuitive platform.
3. Customers Are Partners
Customers will tell vendors they care about exactly what they need to do to earn their business. We strive to make listening that much easier.