About Us

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The current world

Someone walks into your store...a new customer. They buy your product or experience your service, and then walk out.

Maybe you have a fancy POS system that captured their credit card info and mailing address. Maybe you got their email address or phone number. Or maybe you didn't...and that anonymous customer goes back into the jungle from where they came.

Will they ever come again?

Did they have a good experience? What did they really want? Did your employee treat them right? Are they going to blast your business on Yelp?

You just don't know. They remain anonymous and unreachable.

But I have Loyalty software

Perhaps you have "loyalty" software, and you can get some customers to come back more frequently. But it just ends up feeling like "bribery" software because your customers won't come back if you don't offer them a "reward".

The ideal world

In the world we envision, customers and businesses interact with each other in a symbiotic relationship that maximizes the experience for both parties. Customers tell businesses exactly what they want, respectfully inform them when things don't meet their expectations, and reward them with loyalty when they do things right.

No more guessing

Businesses won't need to guess where they stand with their customers. They won't need to figure out what their customers want. They just ask...like you would ask a friend what they wanted to do this weekend or what was wrong if you noticed they were upset.

Our mission is to facilitate meaningful communication between businesses and customers.
Getting the current world closer to the ideal

Numerous software tools exist to manage inventory. There are countless applications to manage payroll. We build an application to "manage" your customers by enabling a two-way conversation between you and them. You can engage them as you would a friend.

  • Invite them over for a VIP experience
  • Ask them what they want from your business
  • Check-in to make sure the everything went well on their visit
  • ...and much more
  • We empower you to motivate customers to "check in" to your business. In so doing, they either earn a reward, or start down the road towards earning a reward after repeated visits. In exchange, you gain the ability to communicate with them as well as see their history of interactions with your business, both visits to your business and a log of reward redemptions. Learn More »

    Our product
    Communications can be automated or manually delivered, so you can work on cultivating your customer base as much or as little as your time allows. You can initiate questions about how their experience was, volunteer info about your business, or just send them a thank you note for visiting.
    Customers will also have a means of communicating with you. Perhaps they want to complain (better to you than to the world over Yelp), request a new product selection, or just inform you about a rude employee. Learn More »
    Communicating with your customer makes all the difference between being just another vendor...and being their go-to provider.
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    Our Values

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    Customers like best friends
    Beyond our physical needs, we also have emotional needs. If a vendor can satisfy that as well...that's how you get organic loyalty.
    Customers like partners
    Customers will tell vendors they care about exactly what they need to do to earn their business. We strive to make listening that much easier.
    Keep it simple
    Our goal is to make the customer-vendor interactions as smooth as possible with a simple, intuitive platform.