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Can you really build a personal and meaningful relationship
with each of your customers?
We can help you capture your customers' interest,
maintain a relationship with them, and cultivate their loyalty.
Increase Loyalty
Loyal customers buy more often, spend over 50% more per transaction, and are 5x more likely to tell a friend about your business.
With us, you can:
Increase interactions through gamification
Customize Promotions
Flexible Reward Types
Automate Marketing
Auto-engage with your customers in a way that does not require more work for your marketing team.
With us, you can:
Pre-schedule messages
Segment specific messaging
Program auto-communication triggers
Integrated w/ social media platforms
Manage Customers
Segment your customer audience and deliver customized communications or loyalty campaigns to each.
With us, you can:
Proactive customer service
Segment into loyal, casual, lapsed, frequent visitors, etc.
Track historical behavior
Free Trial (No Credit Card Required)
We are currently in Beta trials. If you would like to be a part of our Beta trials, at no cost, and grandfather in preferred pricing when completed, then please click the button below and answer a few simple questions. You will be notified personally within 72 hours by one of our account managers if you have been successfully admitted into our Beta trails.
Admission closes Mar 24 (Sun).
About Us
We've been listening to you and building this product from the ground up for years, and we're only getting started! There's so much more to do and we're excited to partner with our customers and people like you to bring your requests into reality. Thank you for your support!