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About This Website
Q. What is MapRoyale?

A. This website is a way for you to benefit from curated maps showing all sorts of interesting collections of places and events. Each collection of places and events is called a layer. There are numerous different layers showing things like places to eat, museum sites, event locations, etc.

Some layers just show static information, with markers that are purely meant to be informative. Other layers contain interactive markers that allow you to do interesting things at specific locations, such as participate in a poll, check-in, or earn a coupon.

Q. How does it work?

A. This website is a collection of maps with different user-generated markers on each. Most of the time, the markers are organized by themes on the layers. For example, one layer might be devoted to Great Parks of Miami or another might be devoted to showing the museums in Ft. Lauderdale that you can get into free as a Bank of America customer.

There are many different types of layers, and anyone with an account can create and share a layer.

Finally, there are both regular markers and interactive markers. Regular markers just have a simple message about a specific place. You just click on the flag in the map to read what they say. Interactive markers allow you to do something, such as answer a question or check in at a location and receive a reward for it. These markers are identified by icons on the map other than flags.

Q. How can MapRoyale benefit me?

A.You like to do things, and things are happening all the time all over the place. MapRoyale help you find out what's going on, when it's occuring, and where it is taking place.

A layer could be created by your friends and acquaintances, MapRoyale staff, vendors, or complete strangers. Each layer is identified by its creator to help you can decide if it's one that you're interested in keeping track of. If so, just follow the layer and it's markers will appear on your Map.

Q. Do I need to do anything to benefit from MapRoyale?

A.You don't really need to do much to benefit from the numerous layers on this site, just browse and look around.

However, if you would like to create a layer, then you must create an account (which is super easy - we just need your name, email, zip, and desired username/password). Also, if you would like to take participate in one of the interactive markers of a layer, you'll need to be signed into an account.

Q. How do I interact with MapRoyale?

A.Just as you would with any other website, you'll be able to interact with MapRoyale with an internet accessible device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

If you would like to interact with an interactive marker, then you'll need to be able to follow the requirements for that marker, usually it's just a matter of pressing a button on your device (i.e. "checking in") while you're at a specific location or after having done a specific task.

Q. Who creates the content found on MapRoyale?

A. Some of the layers are created by MapRoyale staff, but most of the content is created by people just like you.

Q. What type of people use this website?

A. People who are interested in finding something to do or somewhere to go use this website.

Q. Can I build a marker anywhere?

A. A marker can be created at any location on Earth, either at your current location or by entering in an address.

Q. Does it make a difference whether I use your website on a phone, tablet, or computer?

A. It makes no difference as long as the device has access to the internet. If trying to interact with an interactive marker, then a GPS enabled browser/device may also be necessary. Nearly all modern smartphone, tablets, and laptops are empowered with the ability to determine your location.

Q. Why should I bother to use MapRoyale?

A. It shouldn't be a bother! MapRoyale is here for your benefit. It's here to tell you what's going on, where to go, and when to be there.

Q. Do you make money off me? Do you sell my information?

A. Not really. Your main "Map" area consolidates all the markers from the numerous layers you are following. Our business model consists of allowing vendors to post their markers on this map for a small fee. Think of these little markers as small, optional commercials on your map. If you think you might be interested, click on the marker to learn more about the promotion they are advertising. If not interested, you don't have to click on them.

Q. How do you make money?

A. We sell the ability to sponsor a marker that will appear on users' maps that will appear alongside all the other markers from the layers you're following

Q. Do you have a mobile app I can use?

A. Nope. For now, we just have the website.

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