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The greatest form of stimulation is our fellow person. We help people learn about when and where they should be and provide businesses the tools to motivate people to be there.
What's in it for you...
Learn When and Where Things are Happening
Follow the collections of others that post events you might be interested in knowing, such as:
  • Concerts occuring at the local amphitheatre.
  • Special promotions at your favorite location.
  • Local activities recommended by a person you trust.
Get Rewarded for Being There
Our platform also enables paid subscribers to create promotions with a variety of rewards that you can earn, such as:
  • A coupon that offers a discount.
  • Custom badges or different status levels.
  • Special information such as a link to download a document, a private message, and more.
Record Your Favorite Events and Locations
If you want to keep it simple, you can simply just create a marker at a specific location. There are many things you could do with them, such as:
  • Create a map of all your favorite restaurants.
  • Share a collection of locations with others.
  • Keep a record of where you saw or did something special.
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