What can I do with a free account?

Having a free account entitles you to so much:

  • Mark down your own favorite events and locations on a map
  • If you want to keep it simple, you can simply just create a marker at a specific location. There are many things you could do with them.
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    • Create a map of all your favorite restaurants
    • Let your friends know exactly where you are at a particular time.
    • Keep a record of where you saw or did something special.
  • Learn when and where things are happening
  • Follow the collections of others that post events you might be interested in knowing about, such as:
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    • Concerts occuring at the local amphitheatre.
    • Special promotions at your favorite restaurant.
    • Local activities recommended by a person you trust.
  • Get rewarded for being there
  • Our platform also enables paid subscribers to create promotions with a variety of rewards that you can earn.
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    • A coupon that offers a discount.
    • Custom badges or different status levels after they complete certain actions.
    • Special information, such as a download link to a document, info about something in the area, a special message, a tip about a local vendor.
    • Take attendance of everyone at a particular location.
    • Show people where something is happening, like a party. (use it as a map to your event)
    • Offer something to those in a particular place and at a particular time. (just like Happy Hour)
    • Request information from people in a specific area. (like taking a poll)
    • Encourage people with similar interests to come together somewhere at a particular time.
    • Keep track of who visits a place multiple times. (the basis of a loyalty program)
Can I get a professional account?

With a paid membership, you get so, so much more:

  • Cultivate personal relationships...easily
  • Millenials for sure...and most decent people wouldn't mind a little personalization and human warmth when interacting with your business. We make it possible...and easy.
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  • Develop real loyalty
  • You've seen a lot of "loyalty" software out there that basically consist of giving rewards for doing things. Uusually those rewards consist of discounts of free items. What happens when you stop giving free things? If your customers stop coming, then what you have is "Bribery" software, not loyalty software. We're different.
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  • Capture event ROI
  • Your business depends on events to demonstrate your products and get new (and old) customers coming through the door. Don't just let those events happen without fully capturing who came, who wanted to come but didn't, and whether those that came interact with your business in the future.
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  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • We've all heard the statistic about it being easier to keep a customer than get a customer. Well, it's important to keep your existing customers happy, listen to their issues, and help them feel involved with your business' success. We can make that happen.
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  • Deal with difficult customers
  • There are always a few customers who get unlucky with a situation or are just incredibly demanding. Do you have all the right tools to fix the situation. We can help!
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  • Get customer feedback
  • It's almost cliche that customers are the lifeblood of your business, but what do you really know about them or their desires. Are you missing a product that they'd really love to buy from you? Did they have a bad experience last time? Wonder what they really think about your business? With us, you can simply ask them.
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  • Increase foot traffic
  • What good is investing all your time and effort into providing the perfect offering, something you know your customers would love, if you can never get it in front of them. Being hidden from your future customers is not good. We can get your product or service in front of the right people.
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