What can I do with an account?

Having an account entitles you to so much:

  • Mark down your own favorite events and locations on a map
  • If you want to keep it simple, you can simply just create a marker at a specific location. There are many things you could do with them. Learn More »
    • Create a map of all your favorite restaurants
    • Let your friends know exactly where you are at a particular time.
    • Keep a record of where you saw or did something special.
  • Learn when and where things are happening
  • Follow the layers of others that post events you might be interested in knowing about, such as: Learn More »
    • Concerts occuring at the local amphitheatre.
    • Special promotions at your favorite restaurant.
    • Local activities recommended by a person you trust.
  • Get rewarded for being there
  • Our platform also enables paid subscribers to create promotions with a variety of rewards that you can earn. Learn More »
    • A coupon that offers a discount.
    • Custom badges or different status levels after they complete certain actions.
    • Special information, such as a download link to a document, info about something in the area, a special message, a tip about a local vendor.
    • Take attendance of everyone at a particular location.
    • Show people where something is happening, like a party. (use it as a map to your event)
    • Offer something to those in a particular place and at a particular time. (just like Happy Hour)
    • Request information from people in a specific area. (like taking a poll)
    • Encourage people with similar interests to come together somewhere at a particular time.
    • Keep track of who visits a place multiple times. (the basis of a loyalty program)
Great idea! You have nothing to lose!

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